Founded in 1929, St. Andrew’s is a coed boarding school serving grades 9 through 12. The pristine 2,200 acre campus is located in Middletown, Del. on the shores of Noxontown Pond.  For more information about St. Andrew’s School visit their website.
A Dream, a Vision and a Legacy!   Kaylyn Elaine Warren June 8, 1988 ~ March 13, 2007 Kay’s Kamp is the vision of Kaylyn E. Warren who was stricken with Leukemia at the age of 17.  For most of  Kaylyn’s treatment she was a patient at Christiana Care Hospital and the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, except for a  brief 2 month stretch spent in Seattle at the Fred Hutchinson Center. There, Kay hoped to receive a life saving stem  cell transplant but her leukemia was too strong and being unable to remain in remission, the transplant never  happened. Kaylyn’s lifelong dream of running a Bed & Breakfast soon changed to running a summer camp for kids  suffering from all types of childhood cancers.  Kay knew first hand how cancer had stolen the normalcy of her  young life.  Every child suffering from cancer is forced to mature before their time and must live a “new normal”  existence that is anything but “normal”!  When Kaylyn realized she would be unable to start the camp herself,  she asked that her dreams and vision be fulfilled.   Present at the time were her parents, brother, and several  friends. Mary Ellen McKnight was not only a family friend, but one of the nurses that took care of Kay at  Christiana and most importantly, her hospice nurse.  Kaylyn asked Mary Ellen to take on the task of setting up  the medical program which all things at Kamp would revolve around.  Graciously, she agreed to this  monumental project.  Through the foundation established in her loving memory, The Kaylyn Elaine Warren Foundation (KEWF), a  501(c)(3) organization, was established in June of 2007.  Our main focus and program is “Kay’s Kamp”.  To view the tribute to Kaylyn’s life shown at her Memorial service - click here History Not really knowing where to start, we began by simple fundraising.  A golf tournament, family fun walk and  Macy’s “Shop for a Cause” were all part of the 2007 events.   Slowly but surely our name and cause was  reaching the residents of Delaware and surrounding areas,  but in reality we didn’t know too much about  camping -especially camping for kids with cancer.  Then a real blessing happened - Lisa Schmalbach contacted  the foundation offering her services to help open Kay’s Kamp.  Not only was Lisa an answer to our prayers, at  the time she also had 16 years experience in oncology camping!  After meeting with Lisa, the KEWF Board of  Directors unanimously voted to offer her the position of Kay’s Kamp Executive Director, which she graciously  accepted.  Thanks to Lisa, Mary Ellen and a group of very dedicated volunteers, Kay’s Kamp opened August 8-  15, 2009.   Kaylyn’s dream - Helping kids with cancer! Kaylyn’s vision - a summer camp for children battling cancer! Kaylyn legacy - “Kay’s Kamp”
Kay’s Kamp is a member of the Children’s Oncology Camping Association - International.
Kay’s Kamp will be held at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Del.
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Kay’s Kamp original watercolor by Artist, Eileen Slifer.    To purchase print click here
The Mission of Kay’s Kamp is to provide children ages 5-17 currently battling cancer and those now in remission the opportunity to participate in a unique camping experience promoting fun and normalcy - “Free of Charge!”
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We would like to thank St. Andrew’s School for the opportunity to make Kay’s Kamp a part of your amazing legacy.
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